"i've been listening to the music of Chakra Bleu since The Hidden Mirror in 2000, and i never cease to be amazed at how this artist continues to not only re-invent herself but give me more to think about. not your average songwriter here: the lyrics in many of her songs have so much to chew on that it often takes me days for them to fully sink in. i couldn't help but start tapping my feet to several of the melodies on this CD the first time i heard them. her passion for life, love and learning runs deep in this CD. my guess is that, through songs like these, Chakra Bleu is on a mission to help folks shine light on the wisdom of their past experiences and remind them that loving is the ultimate high." - dave espinosa-aguilar, WA



This was such a delightful record to listen to, it is hard in this day and age to find clean and inspirational music that the whole family can listen to together which is what this record provided. My nine and seven year old children wanted us to play it every time they got in the car and we always had a problem on which track to play first as each one had their favorite track. In all we are loving the album and hope others will enjoy it too.
Thanks Susan for blessing us with your record, We pray the favor of the Lord will be upon it and it will bless many people.

Ayo Dosunmu


 I love the CD 'You're the One'! I can't help singing or humming along to the tunes, and they stay stuck in my head for hours after listening. I especially like the 'Sunflower' song; 'You're Loving Eyes'; and the 'Bistro' song. It's the only CD I have listened to all week! 

I listened to the 'Seize the Day' several times on my way to Memphis and back. I realize the song receiving airplay was 'Hopelessly In Love'. The radio promoter picked the wrong song. He should've picked #12:'Black Madonna'- killer!!! Simply wonderful! If one of todays commercial hit makers had that song, it would be a hit. It gets my vote as the best thing on the CD, commercial or not. I listened to the CD a dozen times on the trip, and that particular song was listened to fifty times! I played it first, last, again and again. I also played the CD when me and one of the other team members went to Tunica. Every few minutes he would comment on how great your voice was.

'Seize the Day' is the single most Spiritually appealing collection of music on one CD I hae ever heard! Simply stunning! You now rival Iris Dement for 'Girl-Bob Dylan' of the Whole World Award, but she is not a tenth as positive as you are....May the Shalom Shalom , the perfect Peace That Passes All Understanding continue to Empower, Envelope, enrich and Delight you!


Okay, so.....just when I think you cannot impress me any more, you go and create this CD! This is your best yet, in my opinion. Your songs are absolutely beautiful. I need to pull up the thesaurus to find the words to fully describe how wonderful they are. I can hardly wait to get in my car and drive somewhere so I can enjoy them again.
I truly can't tell you the feelings generated by your words and music on this masterpiece. You rank right up there with Stevie. And I love that I can make out the words, they are so moving and inspiring. And the music.......WOW! talk about toe tappin, and head bobbin, simple lovely. I don't see how you do it, again and again and again.
My (and sister Sue's, cause we listened to it together one day) favorites are:
Love Meant to Be............that one stays in my mind all day after hearing it in the morning. I especially love the words in this one .....Tennessee rain, woods, animals, spring.................it's simply beautiful
She Walks Alone.......again, simply beautiful and moving.......it fills your heart with emotion (and to me that makes a good song).  Thankful Heart.........what an uplifting message combined with lovely music yet again. That one I need to listen to every morning when I'm doing some nasty chore here, all hot, sweaty and tired.......it's inspirational, even at my age!
Sabotage would be next......I'm running out of adjectives, how about just WOW! again. 
And then, of course, I still love Still in My Dreams.........and especially the new ending, very sensual; and Weathered the Storm...always, always beautiful.
I am overwhelmed with your ability to crank out these amazing songs........I only wish they were played on the radio every day so everyone could enjoy them as much as I do. Your talent ranks up there with the best known, most popular musicians out there and I hope that gives you a great sense of pride and satisfaction as you continue to write some of the best songs in the world and patiently wait for the recognition you so deserve.
And, I am honored to be a tiny, tiny part of this project with my photograph included in the sleeve....thank you for all of it.



author: Teresa Aguilar
I have been a fan of Chakra Bleu's music for many years, but I can honestly say that this album is by far the best she has ever produced. It is chock-full of uplifting and insightful lyrics of hope and love, mesmerizing melodies, creative arrangements and is fun, fun, FUN to listen to. One moment there are tears in my eyes from a beautiful ballad and the next moment I am happily bee-boppin' along. These songs stay in my head all day and I am better for it

 I got lucky at the gym last week. I stumbled across the Chakra Bleu CD. As an old guy (think 60's,70's+music), I like my music but I keep an ear out for good stuff. The first track, 'More Than Fine', grabbed me and then it got better. Her voice is smooth, sensual and the lyrics are fun i.e. 'Rockin' the Bistro'. Treat yourself to a new artist! ~ Paul Johnston   1200+CD's & still looking for more!

I love it! Your best yet!
Between the goose bumps and the leaky eyes I had a smile on my face throughout the whole listening experience!


Once again, we had a great time at your show Saturday night!
Congratulations on your excellent new CD and updated website!

Music like Chakra Bleu's is motivational. I had a 5K race July 10th in downtown Seattle Washington, and during a part of the race I was tired and my knee injury was trying to flair up...again. Basically I hit a wall.
About that time one of Chakra Bleu's songs came on my IPod that I have on me whenever I'm racing. The song pulled me out of my funk. It was music to my ears, literally and figuratively speaking. 
Any song could come on as I had it in the shuffle play order, but her song State of Mind did (one of my favs from the Album: How Long) and as I pushed through during State of Mind, it helped inspire me to keep going. By the end of the song, I was racing in normal form ignoring the pain and loving the tunes!
My other favorites from Chakra B. are Footprints in the Sand, Power of Love, and of course All of Me. Her entire alhum, Souvenir is kind of addicting too. Good stuff!
I hear she's going to be releasing some new songs very soon.
Can't wait to hear them and add them to my IPod.
Thank you for your inspiring music, 
Monica L.

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